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      Want to work in a position that pays well? With SAP Fieldglass Online Training, everything is now simple! A high-level position in the IT/Software sector requires proficiency in SAP Fieldglass. The greatest SAP Fieldglass online training is available from us. This online SAP course provides a thorough overview of SAP Fieldglass. The course material for SAP Fieldglass is created to provide you the fundamental understanding of the industry you need to comprehend SAP Fieldglass.

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SAP Fieldglass Online Training
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SAP Fieldglass Online Training
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SAP Fieldglass Online Training
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SAP Fieldglass Course Content

Fieldglass Overview

  •   Deliverable’s type
  •   Buyer side activities – sap fieldglass online training
  •   Supplier Side activities

Statement of Work Process

  •   SOW (Statement of Work) Process Flow
  •   SOW types
  •   SOW Characteristics
  •   SOW Workers – sap fieldglass online training

Contingent Workforce Management Process

  •   Deliverable types
  •   Buyer side activities – sap fieldglass training
  •   Supplier Side activities

Reporting Functionalities

  •   Report Customization – sap fieldglass online training
  •   Buyer side Reporting section
  •   Supplier side Reporting section


  •   Integration Scenario
  •   Manual maintenance of local Master data
  •   CIG (Cloud Integration Gateway) & CI 9
  •   Connectors Concepts – sap ariba fieldglass online training
  •   Master data Integration
  •   Transactional data Integration


  •   Integration Scenario
  •   Manual maintenance of local Master data
  •   CIG (Cloud Integration Gateway) & CI 9
  •   Connectors Concepts – sap ariba fieldglass online training
  •   Master data Integration
  •   Transactional data Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The company's method for managing contingent employees is supported by the software architecture known as SAP Fieldglass. When an organisation develops a contingent workforce management programme that employs the application, the suppliers (or vendors) providing employees will be asked to use it to submit candidates, sign work orders, and seek time and payroll charges.

  • It became a pioneer in vendor management solutions by developing the first integrated technology platform that offers transparency into an organization's whole contingent workforce programme and helps businesses to optimise programme performance and make more strategic labour decisions.

  • The entire business is implementing SAP Fieldglass to improve the procurement, management, and use of our external workforce as well as to support Novartis' vision toward being digital by fostering the development of creative solutions. It allows us to simplify and expedite every step of the procedure, including the drafting of the statement of work, signing the contract, providing the services, and billing. Services as well as contingent labour are both handled by SAP Fieldglass

  • SAP Fieldglass, a cloud-based application, assists companies in managing their external workforces, which may include contract workers, independent contractors, contingent labour, and statement of work employees.

  • The SAP Fieldglass platform aids businesses in lowering costs, enforcing compliance, enhancing worker and supplier quality, and boosting programme efficacy.

  • Any internet browser can be used to access this web-based application. You may use Fieldglass without installing anything on your computer; all you need is an internet connection.

  1. Assists companies in the acquisition of outside services. simplifies onboarding of vendors.
  2. Aids hiring managers in making the best choice of applicants.
  3. Supports the administration of timesheets, deliverables, and payment procedures.
  4. Access is provided to HR features including job descriptions, assessments, and security passes.
  5. Purchase orders, invoices, and contracts now offer more features
  6. It makes tracking the costs of utilising contingent labour easier. provides a suite of tools for benchmarking, reporting, and visualisation.

After completing the online SAP Fieldglass course, you will have the chance to apply for well-paying positions all around the world. SAP Fieldglass provides you with excellent employment opportunities regardless of your level of expertise or level of learning.TRENDING The top industries using SAP Fieldglass technology are ready and waiting for you!
  • IT and Computer Software
  • Finance and Banking
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals

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